Honor Roll, Chasing Butterfilies, and Unglued Giveaway

Being a parent takes some big time discipline, doesn’t it? It also takes a lot of soul searching.

Just this morning I stood, yelled, clapped, and stomped my feet as they called Maxon’s name during the awards ceremony at his school. If I’m honest I even teared up. This kid has worked so hard to get this honor. He studied, completed projects, read constantly, and he did all of this while playing sports. He earned that certificate. I am so proud of him.

Then there is his little brother. My near genius kid and no, I’m not kidding. The boy scores ridiculously high in all areas. I sat down with his teachers just last week and listened while they told me of all his potential and how smart they know he is yet, he goofs off in class. He didn’t make the grade he could have because he would much rather be passing notes and chasing butterflies. That infuriates me. He has a gift and he is throwing it away. Yet, his older brother is working constantly to get his grades.

Unglued, much?

This morning I read day 21 of the Unglued Devotional written by my friend Lysa TerKeurst. She talks about admitting our own issues.


Ok. Step on my toes, right?

I know I have issues. We all do. I love Lysa’s approach to diffusing situations and retraining ourselves to make internal changes in us since the majority of the time we can’t change the situation that we are upset about to begin with. Her words and encouragement have helped me tremendously. Especially when it comes to said genius child.

You can get a copy of this devotional too. Lysa just released the Unglued Devotional: 60 Days of Imperfect Progress.  It is the devotional to her best-selling book Unglued: Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions.

I am hosting a giveaway for the following:

  • Unglued book
  • Unglued Devotional
  • Set of 4 Unglued key tags
  • Highlighter
  • Journal
  • $5 Starbucks gift card

What better way to get over yourself than with all those goodies and Starbucks?

To enter just comment telling me why you’d like to win. The giveaway will close and a winner will be chosen by Saturday, January 26th at midnight CST.

You will find more giveaways here: Lysa TerKeurst’s Blog.

Also, if you’re interested in talking about Unglued some more, join Lysa on January 29 at 9pm EST – when she’ll be hosting a live, FREE Webcast with Women of Faith’s Sheila Walsh! Visit Lysa’s Unglued book site for details by Unglued Website.


  1. stacie winstead says:

    I am a mother of three boys and taking care of aging parents. I am praying and believing for healing of unglued feelings. Thank you for blessing others!

  2. As one who has been coming unglued with distressing frequency lately, I would really like to read this to get another perspective on how to stay together. And I am certainly not averse to more Starbucks…

  3. I would love to win this….as the Mama of 4 boys and the 5th the ring leader of them all….the Hubs I have many unglued moments!!!haha

  4. Carla Knecht says:

    From the moment I seen this book and read the free sample pages I knew that I knew that this book is straight from the hands of God and EVERYONE needs to read it. Noone is immune to coming unglued and having a way to handle conflicts, trials, and storms without coming unglued is the way I would like to live my life. I would love to win this…

  5. Kim Tibbetts says:

    I think this is a must read for me. With 3 kids of my own and 27 third graders that are like mine, I find myself coming unglued emotionally and, yes, sometimes verbally! Needing something to help me reach out and grab the hand of God!

  6. I would love to win this book, it must be an amazing read.

  7. RejoicedOver says:

    I have been wanting to read the book after hearing so many others talk about how it has helped them, but we are unable to afford purchasing it. winning would be a wonderful blessing! thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  8. Little Sunbeam says:

    Although my heart is clinging to the truths of the Scripture my emotions and body are revealing they are unglued and “flapping in the breeze”. Simply need this encouragement.

  9. Wow, I sure hope the winners are picked at random, because really, how could you pick?!?! I guess I would love to win Lysa’s book and gift package because 1. I would faint with shock that I actually won something and 2. I am daily lifting up my 3 teenagers to the Lord. I pray for discernment on their part, courage to make the right choices and consequences if they don’t. This book sounds like the shot in the arm I need as I am preparing these birdies to leave the nest…

  10. My emotions are often the LARGEST of problems in my home; I am trying to do better!

  11. I have read her book Made to Crave & would LOVE to read this book & use the devotional with it! Thanks for giving us this opportunity! I hope it will help me remind me that I can’t change some situations anyway & how to deal with them more effectively!

  12. I’ve read Unglued and loved it. Would love to win this pack and pass along this wonderful insight and knowledge to a friend.

  13. We have major life changes happening, which are completely out of my control, thereby causing moments of being “unglued”. This looks like a fantastic read!!

  14. I would love to win this gift set because frankly I have been an emotional wreck. I feel like I’m on a roller coaster most days. I have four teenagers now and I allow them to push my buttons all the time. I need some tools to learn how to deal with the daily ins/outs of life.

  15. Unglued!!! That is the story of my life. We have been studying this book in our Women’s Sunday school class at church and I have recently downloaded the Unglued Devotional onto my Kindle and have been reading it daily. Have I missed days? Yes, as I hang my head in shame. And trust me those are the days when I can come UNGLUED!! Starting my day out reading the daily devotional and working on that area of my life that day gives me something else to focus on besides the unglued moments that happen every single day. Thank you so much for all your doing with this series and Proverbs31. It’s an exceptional book, study and ministry.

    • Oh and forgot to mention that I also just ordered 20 sets of the Unglued Key Tags for my Sunday School class that we can hand out so we all reminded daily as we look at our keys during our never ending journey in the car. I would love to in the Journal so I can write down all my Unglued moments and look back and laugh at them at a later date, and see how I’ve grown from them and who doesn’t love Starbucks.

  16. I have had this book on my wish list since it was published, would love to win it.

  17. I’ve just spent the last two weeks with my own mother who had surgery. I totally recognized myself in some of her NOT SO NICE behaviors. As a mom, I don’t want to be like that!

  18. I enjoy Lisa and I’m sure I would love any of her materials. I want to learn how to control internal emotions.

  19. Needing some glue…seems like I’ve been “falling apart” lately….can’t seem to keep anything straight…and I’m ready to get off the emotional roller coaster I’ve been on!

  20. I would enjoy the items since I need the reminds on how to apply what I learned. I do not own the book right now, I borrow from our local library.

  21. I consider myself a pretty steady person and try not to become unglued very often. But once in awhile my response to a situation shows I clearly do not have it “together” and my witness suffers. This offer sounds like a great resource!

  22. My son is a carbon copy of me and it causes me to come unglued all the time….my poor mom I get it now. I have been praying like a crazy woman for him but my emotions sometimes get the best of me…This would be great to have, and share.

  23. Bev Teunissen says:

    I would like to win because I have a tendency to come unglued at work. I have just discovered Lysa’s blog and really think that I could use this!

  24. Bretta Ogburn says:

    I would love to win because life is hard! I need somethng to help me focus on THE ONE when life’s distractions pound at the door. Love Lysa’s writing too!

  25. I was going to try to convince you why I need it because I’m unglued and I think my daughter and I could BOTH use it but, after reading others’ comments, I think some people need it more than we do! Praying for all of you and your individual needs!

  26. I would like to win because mornings keep occurring at my house. And I tend to become unglued in the mornings while I try to get us all out the door fed and clothed and dressed and brushed and ready for a day at school/work.

  27. I would love to win because I’ve been wanting to read the book! God has really spoken to me through some of Lysa’s other works. I’m getting ready to move away from everything I know and I think this book would be very timely for me. Blessings!

  28. I love Lysa’s books and really am focusing on reducing those unglued moments from my life. I also want to share this with my women’s ministry at church (though I will share it even if I don’t win)! Think this will produce awesome outcomes in many women’s lives.

  29. Why would I like to win? You joke, right? I have 3 wonderful kids, really I do. But, for about 9 years now I’ve been in a hamster wheel cycle of unglued yelling and then asking forgiveness from my kids. It’s crazy and I need God’s help in a huge way. If you could pray for me, that would be wonderful.

  30. Pam Callahan says:

    What a great giveaway!! A great read and more. Life has been unraveling for me over the past year and yes I am falling apart. My faith has gotten me this far, Hallelujah!! Thank you for the chance to win!

  31. I would be blessed to win this because next week I will be a new teacher. new fears, new emotions, new heartaches, and new emotions. Emotions to adhere to the heart of a parentless child, or to the one that is just “unlovable”. I never wanted to be a teacher, until God called me to it. I was the child in the classroom that never had a father or mother by my side. Never did I have someone telling me to not give up, except my emotion-controlled teachers. I want to be that teacher, to serve and give back and the book would be a wonfderrful tool.I have been financially independent since adolescence, enduring multiple jobs and loans to reach my goal of becoming a teacher. As of today, I have also learned that financial stresses and circumstances will not stop my passion for the greater good in education. I want to be a teacher not only make a different in a child’s life but to show children, like I was shown, that regardless of dark moments light can be seen. I hope with this book I can have the emotions to display the same!

  32. I would love to win this deal.

  33. I’m always looking for ways to help with my emotions! Praying helps but practical ways and knowing others are in the same boat helps too. I’d love to read the book and enjoy it with my favorite tea latte at Starbucks!

  34. Terri Stakston says:

    Thank you for this giveaway! I would love to win and wish we all could! I need help keeping it together especially with my family. I think with the Holy Spirit and some guidance from Lysa’s book it might change.

  35. Unglued. Very appropriate. I’d love to win this because while I am probably more often like your younger son, I do get myself into situations and cause my own “unglued-ed-ness” mess. With age I have improved, but sometimes I still wonder. That being said, I am an overall happy and thankful person. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  36. I would love to win this giveaway. Sometimes I just let all the stress fall on me and I feel so out of control; so unglued. I’m trying to learn to cast all my cares on the Lord.

  37. Dianna G. Hale says:

    I would love to win because I am trying to make 2013 a year of change and self improvement internally and externally. Five years ago, I started the unpleasant journey of “3 good old fashioned nervous break downs”. All three within a little less than 2 years and now I am unable to work. I am under several physicians care but I believe the healing will come from God to His chosen degree. I just want to fill myself with positives this year. Thank you and may God richly bless your ministry!

  38. shannongiuntoli says:

    coffee, a great book, a chance to change my life? Seriously what more could I possibly desperately need?

  39. I would love to win this because the term “unglued” has taken on new meaning the past 7 months. I will gladly take all the help I can get!! 🙂 I went from working 17 years, to being a stay at home mom and house wife. Neither of the latter two am I any good at, but God’s using this unplanned by me development to draw me closer and deepen my faith in Him. I’ll get there, not because of me but because of my amazing Daddy. Thanks for the chance to win! God bless!

  40. Christy W says:

    I’d love to win. I’ve been reading Unglued and have found it great. Every day I have been more aware of my thoughts and emotions. It has definitely been helpful!

  41. I would love to win this because I love reading Lysa’s books and applying the messages in my own life. I have been looking forward to reading this one!

  42. Margo Christian says:

    I often wish the world would just stop turning long enough for me to get my act together, and then start again where it stopped so I could be ahead of the game, or at least on the same playing field as everyone else. But it never does. I never get enough weekend or enough money or enough vacation or clean enough or read enough or do anything “enough” to feel like I finally am where I’m supposed to be so I can be what God wants me to be. I heard Lysa speak at a women’s retreat and was really encouraged by her message, and it would be great to have some of her material to refer back to and be encouraged again!

  43. Susie Kehler says:

    Unglued is to be expected when one doesn’t have God as their priority. And as a mother of 3 it’s too easy to put God as number 5. I need help turning this around!

  44. I would love to win these because I need encouragement for those days when the little things come at me & I become Unglued.

  45. Well, duh! A book and a Starbucks card – what a great giveaway!

  46. Kim mcgee says:

    I need to work on staying in control and becoming unglued when life happens. I’d love to win this giveaway.

  47. Becoming unglued is such an issue for me! I would love to have this giveaway

  48. I would love to win because Unglued is awesome, and I would love to give this combo away to a friend!

  49. Ashleigh Holmquist says:

    I feel like this would be the most perfect birthday gift to give myself (my birthday is the 29th of january) lol.

    I was raised in a Christian home and strayed away and denied God’s undying love for many years. I turned my back on the one man who always loved, cared for, looked after, and blessed daily. I found temporary love in drugs, men, people, etc… and I still wondered why I CONTINUALLY felt unfulfilled. One day, I stumbled upon my journal I kept from my youth. The journal was chalked full of verses, quotes, thoughts, and ideas that I transcribed while at my lowest of lows. I felt bathed in God’s love. And for the first time in my adult life: I felt whole.

    This book would be perfect for me to dive into because after the years of abuse and maltreatment I threw myself into, the negative thoughts still flood my mind.

    I would feel so blessed and honored to not only watch Lysa on my birthday, but also have the opportunity to read and keep her writings I DEF need to absorb and put into action.

    Thank you for your time,
    *crosses fingers and whispers a prayer* (:

  50. I’ve been wanting to read this forever! I am prone to coming unglued myself. Could totally use the encouragement. jessie[at]jessiegunderson[dot]com

  51. Thanks for the opportunity to win the package. I have recently (last Sunday) became Baptized. I grew up having no religion, being abused in all ways. I chose to heal my wounds and realized I wanted and needed God in my life. I am seeking,asking and studying scripture to help me with all the negative thoughts. I would love to be able to read and study and use what is in the book to get me closer to God and read the daily devotional and write in the journal my feelings.

  52. Rebecca Ky says:

    I have not read the books by Lysa, but I would love to.

  53. Brenda Galiher says:

    Pick me…. Pick me……. Did I say Please??!!

  54. “Unglued” = me. I was just discussing with a group of friends how our inability to rein in our own emotions flies in contradiction to the behaviors we try to instill in our children. Must learn to think before I speak… It would make a great study for this group (we’ve got kids of all abilities and ages are a lot of us are facing what you described in your lovely post). I’d have been the mom in tears at that assembly for sure. Congrats and godspeed!


  55. I would love to give this sweet package to a friend of mind who is REALLY having a hard time with emotional issues. I believe it will help make her life more manageable.

  56. Bobbie Gillette says:

    I would love to win this gift package and share with my bookclub group…we will be starting a new book in the next month and this would be an excellent choice:)

  57. Pamela Ward says:

    Instead God I want, I am now saying, God what do you want. Plus, I am 49, in school and really need something other than textbooks to read. I need some refreshing.

  58. I will like to get this package it will really help me with the current situation that I am going now. Thanks

  59. Amy, how exciting for you and Maxon!! That’s a proud mama moment right there. I’m so glad you were able to share that with him.

    I wanted to pop over and thank you so much for being a part of the Unglued Devotional blog tour. I think it’s amazing that we’re all on this journey of imperfect progress together 🙂

  60. I really need the unglued packet. I have three teenagers that are making me crazy….not even crazy persae, but broken hearted and desperate.

  61. Ilia Grubbs says:

    I would love to win because as a new mom, I feel like I’m always one inch away from coming unglued! Between the hormones, the emotional roller coaster, the new way that my life now runs, and the new ways I relate to those around me, I am having a hard time figuring out how to balance it all and stay on top of my actions and reactions.

  62. Thank you for the giveaway. I just Lisa T’s books and God knows that there are times I need help keeping things together as I raise 5 teenagers…. ‘nuf said 🙂

  63. Susan Young (Gatlin) says:

    Winning Unglued would be a great thing for me. Many things have happened in my life this year. My husband divorced me, I found out I had pancreatic cancer. Fortunately, I was among the 20% who could have surgery. It was in some of my lymph nodes so I will be following up with chemo and radiation starting next week. I am now going to be living on disability insurance. Through all of this, I know God is going to provide and take care of me. However, I would like to read what Lysa has to say about being Unglued.:)

  64. I often feel as though Lysa Terkeurst speaks for me. Unglued is on my list to read in the future. Honestly, I’d love to win it because I want to read it and it’s a great giveaway!

  65. Christine says:

    Honestly, I’d love the basket so I can give some of it away to friends. (Maybe keep the Starbucks card?! Lol). Seriously, I have the devotional and having been sharing my excitement over it with friends and my spouse. I’m fairly new to Lisa’s writings but have been enjoying also the Made to Crave devotional. I think her style, and yours here today, is a very honest take on what goes through our minds yet always pointing back to our hope in Christ. Love that.

  66. It would be such a blessing to win the Unglued gift set. I struggle regularly with losing my temper in an instant before I realize what has come out of my mouth or how loud I’ve become .. with these episodes also comes lnegativ self talk and condemnation. I did Lysa’s 30 day Unglued challenge right after her book came out but still have not read it 🙁 But since the challenge I’ve been working with God on this issue of my attitude and tongue (which can bring life or death … Wow! That’s powerful stuff and something I need to turn over to God and discipline myself in) as has God been working on me in this area. I pray that if it is God’s will for me to receive such a gracious gift as this then it will come to be, but if the timing is not right then I will continue to lean on Him to help me in this area of life. Maybe I’ll get out of my rut and go buy the book myself 🙂 (procrastination will have to wait until another day to be worked on LOL)

    Thanks for sharing your blog and being an inspiration to your Sisters in Christ.
    God Bless You,

  67. Just started this study with a wonderful group of women! Would love to have book and devotional to take it a step further!

  68. Suzanne Kintzley says:

    Didn’t think I was an “Unglued Mama” until my 13 year old came into the kitchen last night while I was digging in a cupboard for something and was adamant about helping me find what I was looking for. He didn’t say, “let me help you mom,” he addressed it as, “Let me do it, before you get all frustrated and mad and start slamming things around.” That statement took me back, have I really been exhibiting my frustrations in such away? What kind of example am I setting? Would the Father be proud of my actions? Today has been a day of me hearing the message. How funny, that this is the topic that is on the blogs today. I apologized to my son and my family. I realize I am but a work in progress, and am thankful for our Lords grace and forgiveness.

  69. being a working mom and having sixteen year old twins and being a wife…life is busy and I struggle with not trying to have it all together perfectly all the time.

  70. Robyn george says:

    I would love to get this book for my husband’s ex-wife, and mother of their 3 boys (all under 10). I know we would all benefit greatly from reading but she has them everyday and we don’t live close enough give her “hands on” help when she is feeling “unglued”. Thanks for sharing this wonderful book!!

  71. Joy Scott says:

    As a single mom of four under 7 I find my self “unglued” more than under control. Sure could use some thoughts, ideas and guidance toward bringing some peace back in our life!

  72. Being a busy working mom and pastor’s wife I have the opportunity to connect with women like myself that need encouragement and new strength everyday. Would love to win so I can bless one of those ladies in my life. 🙂

  73. I participated in the Unglued study with Melissa Taylor and loved it! I think I’d also enjoy Lysa’s new devotional. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  74. Michelle Courtney says:

    Unglued seems to characterize my life right now, after losing both of my husbands parents in the last 3 months. I have been forwarding your daily emails onto unsaved family members that are struggling to make sense of life right now too. Those glimmers of hope in God’s word get us through another day. Thank you!

  75. Natalie M says:

    I would love to win and share this with my BOMBS (band of mothers bible study) group!!

  76. I would love the opportunity to win the gift basket. I could use the reminder not to become unglued. 🙂

  77. Jacqueline B says:

    I’d like to win and receive the devotional for I desire to control my raw emotions, but still struggle more often than I’d like.

  78. I had a”situation”with DD2 and her husband last weekend and only now did I see it as an”unglued”moment. I still don’t know how to deal with the overall situation but am able to see a sliver of light at least. Making working though the devotional would help. I can also share the book.

  79. Heaven knows I need some “glue” to get me through the unglued times… I am fan of Lysa’s blog and would just love to find out how to best deal with the “unglued” moments… plus… a $5.00 Starbucks card? Yup, that would glue me right back together!

  80. I would love to win and would give the set away as a gift. I have gone through the study and it is excellent.

  81. Harmony L says:

    I love Lysa’s books. I have been wanting to read Unglued for a while!

  82. Tammy Rowland says:

    Just starting to read the book. I am learning so much that I want to teach it to other ladies at my church and would love to be able to give the items away to the participants.

  83. I really would love to win this. I have been feeling overwhelmed and I’m trying to focus on getting more in tune to Gods plans for me. Have been struggling with what others want of me and what the future has in store for me and my family.

  84. Oh, what I would love to have less unglued mommy moments in the mornings.

  85. ‘Unglued, who me. It’s not me it’s you.’ So goes the argument in my house more often then I like it to. I did an Unglued OBS and it was amazing. I love Lysa’s book. I love her heart. I need more help. I’m trying, honest I am. I was going at not showing the unglued in me when I was young. It’s as I’ve gotten older that I’m having a lot of trouble. I need these resources, yet I know that everyone who has enter feels the same way. I’m glad you are doing this give away. I would love to win. God bless you all for doing this.

  86. Sounds like the perfect gift to help recharge.

  87. Just finished Made to Crave & have started Unglued…LOVING IT! 🙂

  88. Kelly Harrington says:

    LOVING Unglued and resonating with so much in it… so many pearls of honest wisdom and real life application . I’d like to lead it as a small women’s group study in the near future and be able to have a book to give to someone who isn’t working. I myself am between jobs and dealing w several health challenges… i.e. no money… and would love to have the devotional book for myself, to help reinforce what I am learning and applying. Lastly…As if I wasn’t so pumped up enough about all the rest of the bundle,
    Lets just say “You had me at coffee”.
    Thankyou for partnering w Lysa & making the offer

  89. Darci Ridenhour says:

    Hi Amy,
    Finding yours and Lysa’s blog was directed by God himself. What a true blessing! I really needed a shot of faith today to boost my spirits up!
    I love silence and just being in Gods presence. I think it is beautiful that you have searched for and found Gods little treasures He sends our way everyday. So few can no longer see or hear these “treasures” because of their “busyness” or their “unglued” days.
    Gods ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts…. But it is always a joy when He can give us just a “peek!”
    Your giveaway sounds wonderful and I picture my new-found study partner and I (college Anatomy & Physiology) sitting in a comfy Starbucks chair, our science books off to the side, our heads together and reading, studying, and praying through the devotional together. What a wonderful treat that would be! I have just started sharing the gospel with her and she is so “thirsty!”
    Praise God, I love Him so much!

  90. I would like to win as there are those times when I do lose my cool- mostly with my precious family…and I could use these insights…plus we need new women’s group material for our little church!! thanks 🙂

  91. Our Women’s Bible study just started so we’re just learning about what it takes to not become Unglued. I love how Lysa’s thoughts and stories are relatable!

  92. Lauren Bux says:

    I just finished “Made to Crave” by Lysa with my Bible Study at church. I was already planning on buying this book and devo next because I loved Lysa’s fresh take on real issues. I learned SO much through Made to Crave – its like Lysa was in my head! Can’t wait to get started on Unglued – HELP ME OUT! 🙂

  93. I would love to win because it would help me out when I share the excitement with others as to what this book as done for me, thank you!

  94. Mary Donnelli says:

    I would love to win this because right now, I need to feel all of God’s love I can and I am finding it more and more difficult to see it in my own life. Loss of a loved one, kid issues, work issues….I am just spent. I love the blogs/emails and they help me so much on focusing what I need to. Not just the things that plague my reality. The down to earth way of presenting the Lord’s words have provided me with more comfort lately than you will ever know. Thank you.

  95. I would love a chance to win. I have been working on not becoming so unglued, but it is a daily battle. Thank you for sharing!

  96. It sounds like an inspirational book! Would love to read it 🙂

  97. I’m looking for something new to bring into my Quiet Time — which has been one of my resolutions for 2013. I’ve been doing well, and had in the past too, but I feel I need something more to amp up my devotional and QT! This could be it!

  98. My goof ball genius is 25 and I can totally relate to your feelings about your children. I would love to win, so I can read Unglue and of course enjoy it with a coffee from Starbucks. Lysa is so down to earth and I know I would enjoy and apply her book to my life.

  99. What a fabulous giveaway! Sounds like just what I need, too. As we seek to live with a crazy, inconsistent income and as we near the end of homeschool high school and as I watch my boys grow up and move into the next phase of their lives, I definitely have opportunities to come unglued. 😉

  100. I really want to win because I really need this. My husband is forever trying to help me calm down and not become unglued. However I think I need help from a woman’s perspective. I become unglued over quite a few things now that I really think about it. I get unglued over whining and blatant disobedience. I get unglued over mess, I know something that is bound to happen everyday. It still unglues me at times though. I need to learn how to not let everything bother me to the point of becoming unglued.

  101. Stephanie S says:

    I’d love to win this giveaway because I have heard nothing but good things about this book and this momma could use a little more “glue” in her life 🙂

  102. Oh would I love to win all these goodies. I am going thru a new season in my life and this would be awesome to win thanks for the chance Amy

  103. As a new stay at home mom of a 1and 2 year old I am in dire need. Having a terminally ill child and taking him to appointments 4 days a week, dragging my other son around, trying to keep house stay organized, make friends, good get to church, enjoy life…… I am unglued for sure!

  104. The latest revelation for me has been that my youngest is a strong willed child, challenging me to stay glued as I work to shape her will without destroying the spirit within. I could use some encouragement and some new tools in my bag in keeping myself glued each day as I am faced with this challenge. Meanwhile, my balance of joy comes from my oldest who seems to have a yielding spirit and compliant attitude. Thankfully, I am only challenged by one a time to stay glued.

  105. I would welcome this give.away whole.heartedly. I’m recovering from cancer and need something like this to boost my emotional and spiritual life. Thanks!

  106. Laura Whittaker says:

    I would like to win because I, too, could write a blog post beginning with “Then there is his little brother…” on ANY given day. Ugh! :/

  107. Like many stay-at-home moms, I also homeschool. On top of that, I also work from home. It is so easy to be stressed and become ‘unglued.’ I would love to win this book. Now if I could only learn and apply what it has to say through osmosis! Thanks, Amy, for all you do.

  108. Kathy Dempsey says:

    My butterfly chaser is now 31 and still wandering. As a kid he could stand in a field and instantly see the 4-leaf clovers, while his siblings only saw grass. (Seriously, one day he found 35 of them in about 10 minutes; I saved that notebook page, with all of the 4-leaf clovers scotch-taped to it until the tape disintegrated.) He’s a talented artist, but the term starving artist did not arise on a whim. So we struggle. My husband died recently and I’ve been reading various devotionals; this one looks interesting and I would probably buy it anyway, but “free” is such a wonderful word.

  109. I stay at home with our three boys, ages 3 and under… I remind myself daily to enjoy the small moments in life and embrace imperfection (easier said than done for a perfectionist).

  110. I love the study and I would share it with a friend.

  111. I am just in a rough place in life as it seems I always am. I am in the sandwich generation with my children, 6 of them (youngest 3, oldest 23), my grandchildren (3 of them) and my elderly sick parents. We have minor heath issues as well. Sometimes I just want to run away! I know this book would help. Thanks!

  112. Astrid Beyleveld says:

    the idea of sitting in starbucks with a cup of coffee and this book sounds fantastic. A wonderful way to maybe come reglued to God from the unglued state I get myself in sometimes

  113. Jessica G. says:

    What a wonderful giveaway! I SO need this devotional because perfectionism prevents me from experiencing the much more joyful life that I know is out there!

  114. D'ana Heinlein says:

    I’d love to win because my middle name is “Unglued” – yep….. that’s me!!! D’ana Unglued!
    :o) Thanks for the chance!!

  115. I’d love to win ~ I get so frustrated sometimes. Made To Crave by Lysa was a very helpful small group study I led and have heard her speak at a women’s conference here in St Louis MO. I love how down to earth Lysa is. I have heard wonderful things about the Unglued book and devotional!

  116. oh man, I am unglued daily! I have 5 kids that I am homeschooling, one who’s in high school a year early, one who is gifted but super lazy, two who are horribly dyslexic, and one who’s just truckin along. I just discovered that my “high schooler” completely blew off algebra with quarter…..3 days before her portfolio is due to our charter……I need help!

  117. I’d like to win because there’s always something that causes us to become unglued!

    Sounds like your second born son is pretty normal for second born sons! 🙂 He is probably not challenged enough in school, which causes him to be bored with all the boring paperwork and busywork! He sounds very social, a people person, and creative, just like most second borns.

  118. I’d love to win because her raw, honesty makes me feel normal. LOL and as you know raising teens & toddlers is a special balance of discipline & expectations. To which hormones, sleepless nights and more can leave me unglued! LOL

  119. I’d love to win because I enjoy Lysa’s blog. I’ve got two very different boys of my own, and try to balance their very different personalities.

  120. I’m reading “unglued” and it is awesome and I would love to win so that I can give a copy to a friend. The way God speaks through this book is amazing, it relates and communicates at a level that all who read it will be inspired.

  121. I’d love to win because I have a son like yours who has so much potential but goofs off ALOT.

  122. Julie Young says:

    This tiny excerpts I’ve seen from this book are so encouraging! Reading it would be a time of refreshing indeed 🙂

  123. The devotional would be wonderful. I’m mostly unglue when something unpleasant happens unexpectedly. Thanks for this chance.

  124. I would love to win this set for the same reasons as many women have stated below, I have a time keeping it together and walking in the Spirit when things are going haywire. I think one of the differences for me is, I struggle with anger. Since I was a teenager, I have had the proclivity to be set off by just about anything at any time. Even if I don’t “blow up” right at that moment, I have a tendency to save it for later… run it back in my mind and remember just why I should be upset. Some days I can quote a scripture and move forward, but others I have to literally stop what I’m doing and try to pray my way through all the anger and emotion I feel is trying to take over my mind and body. I feel the most defeated when my husband has to deal with the effects of this anger issue. Which has been often lately. Yes, I’m much better than I use to be, I’m still growing and trusting the Holy Spirit to develop me and take away everything that isn’t godly inside of me. I still have a long way to go and I believe these tools will help me to get to where I’m going.

  125. Christina Courtright says:

    I would LOVE to win as well as my husband! LOL! I’m the poster child for Unglued! 🙂

  126. I’d love to win the giveaway because I have been struggling to maintain composure since 7:04 this morning….when 2 lunch boxes went “missing”, one child was screaming for a diaper change, my teenager was grouching about standing at the bus stop in the cold, the dog was barking, and my van didn’t want to start. However, I KNOW that I am truly and abundantly blessed!! Beyond blessed really! Lysa’s Unglued message reminds me that I need to intentionally find ways to keep my soul peaceful, calm and grateful.
    Also, I would love to use Lysa’s book and devotional as the next study that my girlfriend and I tackle!

  127. Jami Kelley says:

    I really would love to win this. I have been feeling overwhelmed and I’m trying to focus on getting plugged into God. I love her current book and devotion book that I’m reading now.

  128. Bethany Platt says:

    Much of my life can be stressful if I let it. I battle depression, sometimes moment by moment, I’m a full time student in college after two failed tries. My mom has many health issues so I’m helping my dad take care of her and the house for the next year and a half until I transfer out of state to finish my degree, along with other responsibilities. And I have a cat that I feel like almost a full time parent to; she can get pretty rambunctious. I’m also a perfectionist so I put too much pressure on myself. And sometimes, it gets to be too much and I get overwhelmed. I get angry at my parents, I fall apart when homework piles up, and I beat myself up that I can’t do better. Through Lysa’s blog, I have found that it’s ok to not have to do it all. She brings me back down to earth through her down to earth advice and gently leads me back to Jesus. Through reading her devotionals and blog posts, I have gotten stronger at handling my life in a healthy way, and my relationship with my Lord has strengthened greatly. I would love to be able to go to a greater depth through her “Unglued” book and devotional book

  129. I would love to win this because recently I feel as if I’m coming Unglued! Everything seems to be coming down on me at once. Also, I enjoy Lysa’s writings.

  130. I’d love to win because I need to have real solutions on how to reacted to life’s surpirses!

  131. I love this devotional….it’s a life changer.

  132. michelle h says:

    I’ve been reading about this book for a while now and would love to actually read it!

  133. LaShonda Gray says:

    I would like to win because I love the way that Lysa ministers and the title describes how my life has felt for the past few months. I am trusting God and moving forward.

  134. Unglued is on my list of ‘must reads’ for the year! I’d love to find the devo too!




  136. Bonnie Traher says:

    Would love to win.

  137. LOVE the way God places words on Lysa’s heart and can’t wait to read Unglued. Excited to find your blog and subscribe 🙂

    • I would love to win these because I have just read Unglued and see the great value it brings in my life. My sister is really struggling with her emotions right now and could really benefit from this book and I would love to win this to give to her!

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