Blog at Home Mom – Have you considered blogging?

Do you currently have a blog or ever considered blogging? Maybe you are like me and you are you understand the time commitment it takes and aren’t always willing to sacrifice moments with your family for moments on the laptop. But, there is a way to bring a semi-chaotic passion into balance. My dear friend, Christin Slade has written a book about this very topic: Blog at Home Mom.

The book is short and practical but don’t fret, it packs a punch and gives plenty of practical application alongside some inspiring stories.

Blog at Home Mom

Christin was my assistant for quite some time so I know she practices what she preaches. In fact, I’m in search of an assistant at the moment so email me if you are interested. Why am I in search of an assistant? Christin stepped back from many online activities so she would have more time to spend at home with her kiddos. As her passion to write and publish grows then she has to redefine her boundaries. That means less work as an assistant. I love how she addresses all of those things in this book.

You won’t regret this book. Blog at Home Mom is only $4.99 and is available on Kindle or PDF.


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