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deodorant recipe

In my quest to lead a healthier, more natural lifestyle, I knew I had to find a new deodorant. There is too much research to suggest that some of the ingredients in commercial deodorants cause cancer or at least create an atmosphere for cancer to grow and thrive. We won’t get into the claims that it may contribute to alzheimer’s. To me, looking at what evidence does exist and the fact that these diseases are on the rise in countries and during our time when these products are readily available (and hardly ever questioned) is enough proof that we should just use something we know is safe.

That’s smart, right? Besides, I hate paying $5 for deodorant. This costs pennies on the dollar.

This is the most basic deodorant recipe. I find it works very well and you only need a little. I had to get used to applying it differently but after a couple of days it didn’t phase me one bit.

deodorant recipe that works

Basic Deodorant

  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • 1/4 cup arrowroot powder (you can substitute cornstarch but some find that irritating to their skin)
  • 5 Tbsp. coconut oil
  • Essential oils (optional – I used 7 drops of lavender and 4 drops of tea tree)

Mix everything together in a bowl and place in a sterilized, glass container for storage. To use, swipe fingers in mixture and apply to underarms. If you can get past the fact that this isn’t a stick or a spray then you will be in for a treat!

infused coconut oil

If you want something a bit more softening and feminine then I suggest infusing your coconut oil prior to using it in the recipe. It’s super easy and gives the deodorant that added boost. The lavender also helps with irritation from shaving.

To infuse the oil (by the way I infuse so many different things: olive oil, vinegar, you name it!) you will need the following:

  • dried lavender
  • dried chamomile
  • dried calendula
  • coconut oil
  • glass jar

I get my ingredients from Mountain Rose Herbs but you can also find them on Amazon or at your local health food stores.

infused coconut oil for homemade deodorant

Gather your ingredients. Using about 2 cups of oil (melted) and a total of 1 cup of dried flowers (I mix them up) put all ingredients in the glass jar. Set out in the sun or on a window ledge for 4-5 days to allow the flowers to permeate the oil. After a few days, strain the oil using a coffee filter or cheese cloth. Use filtered oil to make deodorant. You’ll LOVE it!

I received several questions about how I filter the oil so here is a video to show you. Here are links to the products I use (affiliate) Japanese dripper and coffee pot.


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  1. I found the recipe somewhere else, I made it and I use it, It is awesome. My husband like it too. I love your blog Amy. Next step is learn how to do southern cooking:))

  2. Looks like an awesome recipe, I’ve been trying to go clean in my life and like Beckey the personal care items are going slowly for me. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’m wondering if your boys use this? We have a few up-and-coming teenage boys and I’d like it if they didn’t use deodorant. But would this be strong enough for teenage boys, do you think?

    • Oh, the teenage boy smell… I will not lie to you and tell you this will work better than the commercial stuff that clogs sweat glands so that they don’t sweat but it is safer. My boys do have to wipe and reapply two to three times a day right now. The older two are past the smelly stage so they don’t have to apply as often. But, it is not the ideal odor killer. There is just only so much that can be done with that smell.

  4. This sounds so good, Amy! Is this also an antiperspirant? That’s the one thing I really like in my deodorant. But I’m guessing that’s where the chemicals come from?

  5. Jackie B. says:

    Hi Amy, thank you for sharing this recipe! We have been using a homemade/natural deodorant that we purchase the past several months. The issue we have is the discoloration on our skin and our shirts, as well as some irritation in the arm pit area. I noticed that you mentioned about some folks having irritation using corn starch. The label on our deodorant says that it may contain either corn starch or arrowroot powder. Do you know if there is a way for me to find out which it is that is causing the irritation? Both my daughters and I are having the same issue, even though we have our own personal sticks of deo. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am definitely going to give your recipe a try!

  6. Yah! We are in the process of eliminating chemicals (toxins) from our lives. The cleaning products were easy. The process of changing personal care items is a little slower. Deo was next on my list, so this came at the perfect time. Thsnks!

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