What Personal Care Products I Use…

Because I make my own DIY cleaning products I am always asked what I use for personal care products.

I make my own deodorant (natural deodorant recipe), my own recipe for toothpaste, sugar scrubs, and lip balm. I buy some other products on Etsy, use a triple milled bar soap for bathing and shampooing, and I also really like products from Jordan Essentials.

Their products are safe and made in the USA. They use ingredients like Shea Butter, Soy, Coconut oil, Beeswax, Dead Sea Salts, Grapeseed oils and more. The 5 main ingredients Jordan Essentials avoids is DEA, Isopropyl Alcohol, Mineral Oil, Parabens, SLS / SLES, and Aluminum and they are dye free!  Did I hear an amen?


My favorites are the products in the face care set. The cleanser works wonders on makeup and isn’t harsh or drying, the toner is refreshing and smells so good, and the moisturizer isn’t greasy and leaves my face feeling soft. I don’t use the eye cream often but I’m sure it works great too.


My friend, Angie Parrett, sent me these products to try and I am smitten with the salt scrub and lotion. I really like the shampoo and conditioner as well and that “messiest hands” products is so perfect for little Matthias, the resident preschooler, who loves to paint, play in mud, get full of glue, and use clay for making letters. It gets off everything and it smells great. I also use it when I craft and it gets all of the gunk off and leaves my hands feeling really soft.

I’m often asked if I use the “no poo” method of shampooing and the answer is a loud no. I’ve tried it  few times and maybe it is because my hair is thick and course but I cannot get the baking soda to do anything for my hair. I’ve tried rinsing with vinegar too and that is just a nightmare. I prefer to use bar soap to shampoo and just buy conditioner. It’s just easiest for me and works the best.

So, what do you use for personal care products?


  1. Sue Detweiler says:

    Thanks for your input at She Speaks. I love leave in conditioners and masks.

  2. Great set of products, I really really need to get some summer products :)

  3. Can you recommend a shampoo bar? I was using one but I’m not completely happy with it.

  4. I am so glad that you are enjoying everything! If you would like to check out Jordan Essentials the correct link is http://www.myjestore.com/angieparrett I would love to help!

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