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Welcome to the fourth and final post in our series about homeschooling in Louisiana! You can find the other posts here:

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    4. Louisiana Homeschool Free Resources– You’re here!


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Free Resources:

Notable Homeschool Activists and Entrepreneurs from Louisiana

Eric and Joyce Burges

J_E2009The National Black Home Educators (NBHE) is a resource network founded by Eric and Joyce Burges in July 2000. This association will encourage, support and offer fellowship to families who are exploring benefits of home education. Eric and his wife, Joyce, have homeschooled for nearly l4 years.

Eric graduated 2 sons, Eric, Jr. and Lawrence and a daughter, Candace from their school, The Most Excellent Academy. He was the president of CHEF of Louisiana, a homeschool organization in Louisiana, for three years. He now serves as Immediate Past-President with the board of directors. Eric is also an artist, speaker, songwriter and singer, as well as a licensed minister.

Joyce is a gifted singer, homeschool mother/teacher of five, advisor and lecturer. She is the mother of five children ranging from the ages of 27-8 years old. She is continuing to home educate their two daughters Candra and Victoria. She has spoken to many women locally and nationally. She present topics such as – A Home School Tour, The Art of the Gentlewoman, Recapturing the Flair of Femininity, etc. She is a frequent speaker to young girls homes (ages 13-18) where she encourages them on the principles of healing past hurts, finding your identity in your image, valuing your integrity, and maintaining a great love for yourself through serving others.

The National Black Home Educators, a premier networking organization founded by the Burgeses, was created to serve the community by providing assistance with information about getting started homeschool, networking/connecting veteran families with new families, recommending resources such as books, music, films, speaking information, curriculum, etc. NBHE’s mission endeavors to empower parents to educate their children for excellence.

The Burges family was featured in several periodicals such as Newsweek Magazine (Oct. 98) and the Boston Globe (Aug. 22, 2000). The family also appeared in The Crisis Magazine, a NAACP national publication as well as Africana Internet Publication (Jan. 2001) and other local and national magazines and newspaper. Recently, Joyce and her son, Eric, Jr. were guest on BET Tonight, national broadcast hosted by Queen Latifah on August 15, 200l. They were also featured in Essence Magazine (Sept. 2002), Jet Magazine (Sept. 2003).

Tiany Davis

photoTiany was recently named one of the Top 100 Blogueras (Latina Bloggers) by LATISM.  Tiany founded The Homeschool Lounge, a community with over 20,000 members, in 2008. Her latest online adventure is the ever growing BatonRougeMoms.com. She is a social good advocate and has been blessed with opportunities to serve and increase awareness about global maternal health issues and child malnutrition. In 2012, Tiany worked  as a community leader for the ABC News campaign Million Moms Challenge and as a Mom Blogger for Save the Children. During her time with Million Moms Challenge, Tiany was able to travel to Guatemala with Save the children to meet and work with Save the Children’s frontline health workers. Tiany’s most important role to date is that of wife to Troy Davis, a professional Jazz drummer from Baton Rouge, and homeschooling Mama to her four boys, ages 12, 10, 8 and 6.

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      Welcome to the fourth and final post in our series about homeschooling in Louisiana! You can find

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