31 Days of Free Printables Series

Welcome to 31 days of Printables! I’ve designed hundreds of printables that will edify and simplify your daily life. I will present them to you in a series of 31 posts along with some tips and tricks for using them. These are all printables that I use myself and have refined over time.

Last year Nester encouraged several bloggers to write — for 31 days straight — about something they are passionate about. Little did she know that she would start a wave of 31 Dayers including me. I put together 31 Days of Online Ministry Helps back in January. Nester was originally inspired by Darren Rowse, author of 31 Days to Build a Better Blog (if you do not have that ebook you should totally get it. It WORKS!). Well, she is doing it again. This time she wants you to be a part of the festivities.

Join my friends as they share their passion and take you on a 31 Day journey: Nester – 31 Days of Lovely Limitations, Jen – 31 Days to Balancing Both Beauty and a Budget,  Jessica – 31 Days of Memory Keeping, Melissa: 31 Days: Inspired Holidays, Sandy: 31 Days of Warmer Connections, Darcy: 31 Days of Photo Tips, Emily: 31 Days to Change the World, and Emily: 31 Days of the Little Things.

One thing that I am passionate about is… well, I am passionate about lots of things. The truth is I couldn’t narrow down just one topic. I love writing about crafts, organization, blogging, food, kids, friends, home, and many more things that I can’t even type out right now. I was flabbergasted as to what to post about. Then it hit me. The one common denominator I give to each of these is printables. I create labels, forms, graphics, signs, and many more things on this lil’ ol’ puter of mine. I can share them all with you as well as why I use each of them the way I do.

All come complete with printables or downloads.

List of days and Printables via archived list: Free Printables or listed individually:

Day 1: Easy Way to do Laundry: Closet Divider Organizer

Day 2: Creative Organization – Organize Foods in the Deep Freeze with Printables

Day 3: Books Galore – Printable Labels and Bookmarks

Day 4: Garage Sale Signs and Yard Sale Tips & Tricks

Day 5: Blog Conference Planning Printable / How to Represent Your Brand

Day 6: Prevent Lost Checked Luggage / Travel Essentials Printables

Day 7: Declutter and Simplify Life

Day 8: Leave a Legacy of Life Giving Roots Print

Day 9: Give Yourself a Day of Rest Calendar Printable

Day 10: Snack Bag Topper, Brown Paper Bag Popcorn, Water Bottle Label, Snack Stickers Printables

Day 11: Learn Memorize Multiplication Facts with Quizzes Drill Worksheets

Day 12: How to teach ABC, Expose Toddlers to Alphabet Free Coloring Pages / Tracing Worksheets

Day 13: Festive Name Place Setting Cards

Day 14: Plant Labels: Garden Plant Name Stakes Printables

Day 15: Free Christmas / Birth Announcement Photo Card Template

Day 16: Printable Mason Jar Lid Labels / Toppers

Day 17: Homemade Chocolate Syrup Recipe w/Printable

Day 18: Family Tree Subway Art

Day 19: Mason Jar Canning Labels and Lid Stickers / Customizable Printables

Day 20: Vintage Shabby Chic Nostalgic Printable Beauty Labels

Day 21: Meals Ministry Tags / Labels for Food

Day 22: Football Game Day Printable Banner and Cupcake Toppers / Straw Flags

Day 23: What to pack in diaper bag / Printable Check List

Day 24: Babysitter Instruction Sheet Printable

Day 25: Christmas Printable Gift Labels / Tags

Day 26: Printable Lunch Box Notes

Day 27: Reward Kids for Good Behavior / Positive Reinforcement / Mommy Money and Daddy Dollars

Day 28: Secret Sister / Girl’s Night Party Printables

Day 29: Weight Loss, Food Journal, Workout Chart

Day 30: Pantry Staples Printable List

Day 31: Notes from the Relevant Conference

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