Emergency Phone Numbers TEMPLATE


  1. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for this simple to use and download template! I too am in the middle of a home study and found this template after all these other blogs whose layout was cluttered and you couldn’t add or subtract lines say for a vet number . . this is the most user friendly template I have found! LOVE IT!

  2. Thanks, for allowing this template to be utilized. This worked perfectly for me, editing was easy. A very useful tool for anyone.


  3. We are in the middle of getting our foster care license so that we can provide emergency foster care for our grandson. We have to post an emergency phone number list. I read you blog. I subscribe to your blog. Why didn’t I look here first. I spent 15 minutes looking for a template. But, why I wanted to comment about was that my 6-year-old asked me what I was doing. I answered. I got that look. “Mom. It’s 911.” Thanks to the licensing requirement, I have just dropped a few notches on the perceived intelligence scale. :)

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