How to Organize Linen Closet: Easy Makeover

amybaylissdotcom organize bath towels

In my home, I like to do little things that make a big impact. This project was one of those things. I cringed every time I had to open the door to the dark, narrow  closet. Seeing  the towels and sheets disorganized didn’t help either. I had to do something to liven it up but I knew whatever I did couldn’t be permanent. We are selling this house so I don’t want to make drastic changes.

Did I mention I am too impatient to stencil, apply wallpaper, or any of the other pretty things that good bloggers do? I didn’t want to have to buy a bunch of stuff  either so I scanned the house for things I could use to make this dark, drab place a bit prettier. And I found some long lost material. And the horse bookends my mom-in-law gave me. And I got an idea!

I found some old posterboards we had laying around and I measured the length/width of the back wall between each shelf in the linen closet. Once I had my measurements (which luckily were all the same) I cut the posterboard to fit snug between the shelves. I tested each of them just to be sure they fit.

Once I knew they fit, I hot glued the material to each one. Yes, hot glue. Nester would be so proud. I made sure the material looked right vertically before securing all sides. I did not want to do extra work because I did it wrong the first time.

After they were complete I slipped them into place inside of the closet.

I added the towels, facecloths, and wash rags back making sure to fold them neatly. I added the horse bookend to the shelf near the towels. I did this to deter little people in my home from throwing towels to the side in an effort to find their favorites. You know what I’m talking about, right?

Then I put the beach towels at the very bottom and all of our sheets at the very top. All bath towels were in the center shelves.

NOTE: When putting away sheet sets, it helps to fold all of the pieces and then place them inside of one of the pillowcases for that set. Do this for each set and that way, when you need that sheet set everything is together!

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Tutorial: Repurposing Crib Bumper Pads for Toddler Bed

Repurpose Crib Set

Am I the only one who despises bumper pads? They come in every crib set, can only be used for a short period of time, and then what? When you set up the toddler bed do you just trash them?

Well, I wasn’t about to throw them away. The set is adorable, Matthias loves it, and you know I’m all about finding ways to repurpose things. I finally decided to make it one big bumper pad for the back of Matt’s bed.

You know I don’t like to sew all that much so I conned my sister into helping. Hey, Starbucks is good for that!

She started by carefully cutting the edges between every two sections of crib bumper. Next, she sewed the ends back together. She did all of this by hand, mind you. I love that girl.

After that she sewed each of the remaining two part sections together and moved a couple of the ties to more efficient locations.

Finally, we tied it to the back of Mattias’ bed. Now, if only we could get him to sleep in it! Any suggestions on that would be greatly appreciated. Mom and dad are so over waking up sore every morning.

Today I am Guest Posting at The Nesters


Have you ever really considered what kind of emotion your house causes to rise up in you? I finally gave it some serious thought one day when I walked past my bathroom and caught myself snickering at it and doing the malicious eye roll. For real, I did. I stopped myself mid-step and laughed as I wondered what in the world my bathroom had done to me to deserve such a reaction. That’s when it hit me that homes have a persona whether we want them to or not. I saw my home as my enemy. Time and change gave me a new perspective on the ol’ girl and I’m thrilled to be able to share that with you here today.I wanted desperately to enjoy living here but I couldn’t. For years the walls that separated us were made up of more than sheet rock and 2x4s. I didn’t like her. I didn’t find her beautiful. She was a nuisance. I tried painting her with new furniture and decor but my feelings didn’t change. I was holding grudges against her….

Today, I am posting over at Nester’s place. Would you please visit me there and leave a comment letting me know your thoughts on the subject? It is something I’m really digging deep into lately and I’d love to stir up some dialogue.

Thank you, Nester for allowing me to share my heart on your corner of cyberspace. I appreciate it, girl!

Happy to be Home, Are You? a guest post by Amy Bayliss

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DIY Christmas Decor: Book Paper Craft Christmas Tree

diy christmas decor

My sister Andrea and I are some crafty people. We like few things more than getting together to make stuff. It may very well be a genetic thing because my mom is crafty, my dad and brother are super handy and my grandpa couldn’t go a day without thinking up or putting some new creation together. With all of that in mind, I always secretly hoped that my brother would find and marry a woman who was as happy to create as we were.

…and he did and is.

Meet Tori. My little brother’s {soon-to-be} bride.

I discovered that she likes crafting as much as I do. [swoon] She is also sharing some of her creations with us. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it! In fact, she also made the scarf she is wearing and I’ll be sharing that tutorial in a couple of days. It is so fabulously adorable!!

The other day she came to my house and brought with her this cute little Christmas tree she had made from book paper and styrofoam. It is so cute and so easy to make.

She started by tearing a piece of paper out of an old book and then cutting it in a zig-zag pattern. I think it would also be cute to do a shabby style one with torn paper. In fact, if I can get to Hobby Lobby soon I think I’ll try it.

Once she had enough paper cut out the process of gluing it onto the styrofoam cone began. One by one they were glued on and scrunched a but just to give it some dimension. She also tried not to overlap points. When she reached the top she simply formed a pointed top out of the paper from the book and glued it on.

Once all of the pieces were in place and it was completely dry she turned the tree upside down and and with her had she brushed the branches away from the styrofoam base so they would appear to stick out.

It was very simple and I can think of so many ways to use this. I’m also thinking you could use some patterned cardstock that matches your holiday decor to make some cute trees. You could also buy a wooden dowel stand to place it on. So many ideas…so little crafting time.

I’m so glad you got to meet my {soon-to-be} little sister. I love her dearly and even though I considered her a sister the day my brother introduced me to her (4-5 years ago?) I am ecstatic that it will soon be official. In the meantime, we have lots of crafts to share so you’ll be seeing a lot more of her!

Leave a Legacy of Life Giving Roots

leave family legacy roots print

Day 8

Today’s printable is simple, beautiful and speaks life. It is an 8×10 print that can be displayed to convey a message to yourself and your family each day.

“Leave a Legacy of Life Giving Roots”

It can be printed on cardstock or photo paper.

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Easy Way to do Laundry: Closet Divider Organizer

Easy Way to do Laundry: Closet Divider Organizer

I have four boys that range in age from almost 15 years to 18 months. I also have a husband and a dog. This can only mean one thing: I do lots and lots and lots of laundry. I mean like 2-3 loads a day people. Yeppers, I do.

I don’t like laundry. I’ll sweep, mop, clean windows and make beds all day long but please, no laundry. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind the washing and drying of the clothes. It is the folding, hanging and putting away that bothers me. I can’t explain it. I just don’t like it. With that in mind I set out to streamline the process and make it easier on me.

I decided to make them pick up their own clothes.

Originally this presented some challenges. I kept messing up whose clothes were where on the clothes rod in our laundry room and the kids never could find their clothes. No, ma’am. They could not recognize clothing that they wear each and every day. I haven’t figured that out yet but I did solve the problem…

Yes, Mommy Dearest. Those are wire hangers.

With these closet rod hanger dividers (or whatever you want to call them) it is easy for me to hang them up without having to figure out whose stuff is where AND those boys of mine can no longer tell me that they don’t know where their clothes are.

I am including a few different ones to download, edit and print. There are two sets: one set has a larger top for closets with lots of vertical space between the closet rod and the shelf above and the other set has a shorter top for other closet spaces. Both sets have one that is blank so that you can completely customize it yourself and the other has the phrase, “self serve laundry”.

To edit these you only need to download them and open them up in a graphics editor. Two free ones are Gimp and You can add your kids names, days of the week, clothing sizes, or whatever else you can think of.

I recommend printing these on cardstock and for maximum durability attach to cardboard or chipboard. You can make these as fancy or as plain as you like. I chose white for my laundry room since it just looks clean. Then, since I color code my kids I used their color for their name. I gave them no reason to not know whose clothes were for who. 😉

closet rod hanger label to do laundry organization

Download here:

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To read the other posts in this series visit here: 31 Days of Free Printables

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Our Family’s Shabby Cottage Plate: Chalkboard Paint w/Chandelier Stencil Tutorial

a chalk plate

I find lots of nifty things in the clearance section of my favorite store, Hobby Lobby. A while back I found a black, sturdy plastic plate with a stand for less than $5. I didn’t know what I’d do with it at the time but for $5 I figured I could ponder that later. I had also found a small bottle of chalkboard paint on the acrylics aisle. I picked it up because I wanted to use it to paint my plate. Then I could display the plate in the kitchen and put our menu on it every week. I’d seen plenty of examples of that on Pinterest and I just loved it and wanted it for our home.

I painted the plate with the chalk paint and tried to write on it with regular chalk. Nope. It didn’t look good. I was a bit disappointed. I stuck it back in my bag of projects to mess with another day. A couple of craft store trips later I found a chandelier stencil.It was perfect. Chandeliers just symbolize a home to me. I had to have it and the bonus was that it was small enough to fit on the plate. A new idea emerged…

I painted the back of the plate in a blue shade that coordinated with my living room decor. I painted the stand the same color.

Next, I began stenciling. I had a bit of trouble getting the stencil to fit into the grooves and stay put but my crafty sister, Andrea, fixed that for me. She cut slits in the right places and that allowed me to tape it down in a way that made fit flat to the plate and easier to stencil.

I used my stencil brush kit and some white paint to stencil it on.

I went over it twice to make sure it would stand out beautifully against the black chalk paint. Wow! Did it ever. I was very happy with the outcome.

I let it sit on the counter for a couple of days just so I could look at my work. I know you don’t ever do that. 😉  A day or so later is when I discovered this hiding on the shelves at Hobby Lobby. Yes, I am a frequent visitor there and no they don’t sponsor me. Oh, how I wish they would. Anyway, this chalk marker had been there all along. It is heaven in a pen I tell ya!

I was finally able to write on my chalk board painted plate. I decided to write our names around the plate since to me, a chandelier symbolizes home and a home is family.

…bunny trail: Did you know I also use a chandelier on my blog for the “home” section. I just love the warmth and happiness a simple chandelier brings. You can put them anywhere too. It is kind of like drinking green vegetable and fruit juice out of a wine glass. It just tastes better. :)

So here she is… my pretty “home” plate. What do you think? What symbolizes home for you?

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Do It Yourself: Repurpose Shower Curtains

shabby cottage wreath beach shells

I had an old shower curtain and bath scrunchy that I wanted to repurpose. When I found a metal wreath at a yard sale I knew I had to use it for my shower curtain project. I love the way it turned out.

Here is the frame and shower curtain that I used. This entire project cost me nothing but 50 cents and time to make.

I cut the shower curtain into strips and began tying it onto the frame. I tried to spread out the colors a bit.

I had also had this old bath scrunchy that had fallen apart. It was just the texture I needed for the wreath and I was able to use it in the new toilet paper holder I was making. It kind of married the two.

For the toilet paper holder I painted an old wine crate with Rustoleum’s Multi Color Textured spray paint and then filled it with some of the scrunchy material. Then I cut the rest of the scrunchy into strips like I had done with the shower curtain. The material stretches so I was able to make it hang and flow around the wreath.

I had these sea shells hanging around so I grabbed my hot glue gun and stuck them to the wreath. Love.It.

This whole project was put together for my boys’ bathroom. They hate when I decorate it with “girl” stuff so using these colors and materials in this way gave me the look I wanted while staying with the sea shell / beachy theme they chose for their bathroom and it is the perfect material to use in a humid room. They liked the stone looking crate too. Of course, after photos were taken they began storing hand held games in it. *sigh*  I curse you video game peoples!

Here is another shot of the wreath. She is a purdy boy bathroom wreath, isn’t she?

Here it is in the awkward commode cave in the boys’ bathroom. I guess you and me are real good friends now since I am letting you in to look at my tissue paper and all. 😉  I’m about 3 weeks away from repainting this bathroom too. I’m just not into this color anymore. I want something lighter and brighter.

There you have it: my “You Made A Wreath Out Of What?” Wreath.

Trash to Fabulous Treasure – Lamp Makeover


A couple of weekends ago I convinced Ryan to take me to some garage sales. I was so excited! I went to bed early, set my alarm clock, and woke up late. I guess in my excitement I set the alarm to pm and not am. You garage sailers know that you have to get there early to get the good stuff, right? I know how to get great stuff at yard sales. I was really disappointed that we didn’t get that early start.

The first few we went to were a total bomb. I crossed them off the list and almost pouted with the big lip and all. I didn’t want Ryan to think this was all that garage sailing was about. I wanted him to see that there is treasure to be found.

Thankfully the last house on my list had a couple of great finds. We got a sewing machine (it’s been on my list for a while) and a toddler bed set for the little one. He also got a cute little rocking toy for a buck. You can’t beat that. All in all I only spent $25 there and the value of what I had exceeded $200. The stuff was in pristine condition and the brands got great reviews.

The funny thing is my favorite find came from a garage sale that wasn’t even on my list of sales to make. We stopped there because it was on the way home and I just figured since I still had $15 left I’d see what they had. The sweet ladies there saw me eyeballing a high, wingback chair. They wanted $20 for it and even went down to $15 but I declined because frankly, I was scared of the reupholstering job that would need to be done. So far I’ve only done some simply reupholstering with my sister. I wasn’t ready to tackle the wingback. I did however give them a few tips on how we do it so they could attempt the reupholster themselves if they wanted. I regret not buying that chair. Do you ever do that?

I found a cute pair of jean capris that I had to have because I’m losing weight and all and have no “in between size” clothes. They were a deal for $1. I also spotted this beauty while I was there…

When I asked how much it was I swear I heard them gasp. I think they were shocked that I wanted it. I made sure it worked and then purchased it for, you guessed it, $1. It was dollar day, I guess.

The funniest thing was when I brought it back to the car. Ryan was like, “um, honey. What are you going to do with that?”

That was his sweet way of saying that isn’t going in our house!

It told him not to worry and just take me to Lowes. I had an idea of what I wanted to do with it and needed some supplies. I had seen this beauty on Pinterest (if you need an invite, holla, mmm, kay?): Martha Stewart Lamp. I knew that is what I wanted to do with my $1 find. I bought some sisal rope, a new hot glue gun (I had to retire Stella), and a sander but the project I used that for will have to wait for another day. Anyway, between the rope, hot glue sticks and ugly but potentially gorgeous garage sale lamp I only spent $14.

When I got home I removed the base from the lamp, hot glued that sisal all around the base and switched the lamp shade with one I had at the house.

And here she is…

Ain’t she purdy? Here is a close up.

She likes to pose.

And here she is from another angle.

It was so simple. This baby had so much potential. I’m so glad I saw it. She was going to be thrown away if I didn’t buy her. Can you believe that?


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Living Room Decorating Ideas on the Cheap


This is my living room a few months ago when we started the whole “house on the market” process. Once we removed all of our personal decor and such I didn’t like it very much. It was too dark for my taste. I like light and airy. I want to walk in the family room and feel warm and cozy. This felt way too formal and drab for me.

It is so blah, isn’t it? I hated removing all of my personal belongings. It gave the room such a cold feel and we can’t have all of that now can we?


So I tried to think of a solution. That thought process led to me purchasing a slip cover from a discount store and a bunch of throw pillows that I just really liked. I got the slip cover home and Ryan and I tried to get it on the sofa.

I’d spare you the details but that would be no fun.

He put his end on and started trying to figure out where all of the creases were supposed to go. I got my end on and figured out where the creases should go but it just wouldn’t fit right. Then all of a sudden Ryan figures out where it all goes and attempts to get it situated and that is when my side popped off. I put it back and guess what? Ryan’s side pops off.

He looks and me and asks if I read the instructions. Yes, he did. I don’t read instructions. He does. Why would I read the instructions when I can let him do it and just have him explain it? I know I’m spoiled. But I’m smart too.

I read the instructions… 3 minutes later and all the I learned was that this slip cover did not work how the instructions said it would.

We thought we had it on wrong so we pulled the whole thing off, flipped it around and started over only to find we had it the right way to begin with. We flip it back and start all over. By this time the dog, the baby, and a few other unknowns were playing peek-a-boo under the thing; I managed to spill my water on it; and I popped one of the seams. At that point we just stuffed the thing on all cockeyed and called it a day. It was pretty let me tell you. I would have put the thing back in the pack to return it but at that point I had no energy left to mess with it. It takes some real talent to fold up a slip cover the size of a car and put it into a plastic bag the size of a pancake.

*sigh*  Don’t you hate furniture drama?

Then one morning a few days later I had a thought. What if I put it the slip cover on sans seat cushions and then put the seat cushions on top? So I tried it.

I liked it. It was like a two tone sofa. It combined all of my living rooms crazy colors that make me so happy. Don’t worry. I am currently toning them down. I will show you how it all looks when I get it all back together. I just had to show you the sofa first. Oh and my Craig’s List table.

It isn’t perfect but I’m happy with it for now and I think it is a great way to use a slipcover.

Trash to Treasure Idea: How to Reuse Jars and Pillowcases

ways to reuse recycle jars pillowcase

My boys like few things more than having a pickle for a snack. This means that we go through lots of jars of pickles. I’ve always hated throwing them away so I found ways to reuse them. For my latest creation I also used some pillowcases that we no longer needed. These pillowcases were of the uh, shall I say “expensive” variety and so I did not want to just get rid of them even though they no longer matched and have given us many good years of use. So instead I figured I’d cut them up and use those fabric scraps to make a cute, shabby little vase.

ways to reuse recycle jars pillowcase

I just cut up the pillowcase in strips.

how to reuse recycle ways to reuse recycle jars pillowcase

Then I knotted the ends together and cut off the excess from the knots. This left me with a long, knotted strip of fabric.

knots in fabric scrap craft project

I twisted it and wound it around the vase until I could tie it off. The knots in the fabric help to keep the other fabric strips from moving or slipping. I think it worked out pretty well.

shabby vase

I’m loving this whole resuse and repurpose stuff. It makes me smile when I walk by and see something I made by reusing other materials. I also like that I can toss the glass in the dishwasher and the fabric wrap in the wash. When they are both clean then I can store the wrap inside the jar for later use.


Upcycle Laundry Sorter Tutorial & Mess Free Fabric Dyeing

Custom Laundry Sorter15

I adore my mom-in-love. She is a farm girl from Iowa. We share so many views about green living and caring for this planet of ours. One thing she likes to do is pick up things that others may have put out to the side of the road – if she thinks that it can be recycled, upcycled, repurposed or refurbished. She has delivered many such treasures to my house. One such thing she brought to us a couple of years ago is a laundry sorter. It is just a plain Jane laundry sorter that you can find at any mass supply store for about $20 or so. It has served us well and until recently I never even gave its “looks” much thought. That is until I was trying to figure out what to do with some extra craft supplies I had hanging around.

Since we are selling our home and building another I am really trying to cut back on the amount of things we have. Recently while I was decluttering I came across some navy blue Rit dye that I had not used. I also found some navy and white striped ribbon. I left it on the dryer while I was trying to decide what to do with it and somewhere between the rinse and spin cycle it hit me. I can upcycle this laundry sorter!  And so I did.

The cute little blonde headed boy has nothing to do with this project. He is simply always in the middle of everything including this project so I added him to the collage. I figured why change things? Just keepin’ it real.

Upcycled Laundry Sorter Tutorial & Mess Free Fabric Dyeing

Materials Used:

  • Laundry Sorter with cloth bags
  • Fabric Dye –  I used Rit dye in navy blue
  • Spray Paint – I used Krylon in white
  • Acrylic Paint – I used Folk Art light blue
  • Stamps – I used Stampin Up sets: Contempo Alphabet and Petal Pizzazz
  • Ribbon – I used 1 1/2 x 9 ft Offray monostripe navy
  • Other items used: small basket, trash bag (not the wimpy kind), foam brushes, scissors, wet rag for cleaning stamps, block sander, painters tape and lots of “don’t touch that, Matthias!” You may not need those things or can substitute them for something else.

The first thing I did was tape up around the blue portions of the frame. I wanted to keep those as they were. Then I sent the 12-year-old boy wonder out to spray paint it. I wanted to go with a monochromatic color scheme so I bought some white spray paint and some light blue acrylic paint. I thought that along with the navy/white striped ribbon would give me the look I was going for. Please, excuse the photo quality. I had the camera on the wrong setting and didn’t realize it until halfway though. I should know better. I was trained by a professional in Mommytography Photography Classes. Sorry, T.

Upcycled Laundry Sorter Tutorial & Mess Free Fabric Dyeing

After the frame was good and white we let it sit outside to dry. While that was taking place I began dying the 3 laundry bags. Looking back I would start the dyeing process first since it took longer.

I try to eliminate as much mess as possible so the way I dye things is to place a small trash can or basket in the sink and then place a garbage bag inside of it. I fill the garbage bag with hot water while it is in the basket then add the dye and salt (follow directions for your specific dye). You should also wear gloves to make sure that your pretty little hands don’t get stained.

Upcycled Laundry Sorter Tutorial & Mess Free Fabric Dyeing

Then I add the articles that I am dyeing. In this case that would be the laundry bags. I swirl them around a good bit and get them good and saturated and then I pull the bag closed.

Upcycled Laundry Sorter Tutorial & Mess Free Fabric Dyeing

I pull the bag closed to avoid things from being dropped in it or having it spill. This has to soak for at least an hour. The darker you want it the longer you have to leave it. While it is soaking you have to stir it or agitate it around at least every 5-10 minutes or so. That is another way the garbage bag comes in handy. I just walk over and move things all around just like I would if I was marinating some meat or something. Most dyeing of fabrics can be done in a washing machine or on the stove top. I like the washing machine method but since I now have a front loading machine I am unable to do it that way anymore. I now use this instead and I actually prefer the end result.

Upcycled Laundry Sorter Tutorial & Mess Free Fabric Dyeing

When you are ready to rinse, tilt the basket slightly and place the tip of the garbage bag in the other side of the sink. Let it flow out slowly. You should also have a steady, slow stream of water flowing while you are doing this. If it is too fast it will splash the dye everywhere. It can and will stain your sink. If you do get any stains use some diluted bleach on it immediately. Once you get the bulk of the water out you can remove the bag to dump the rest. This is the reason you should not use wimpy garbage bags for this. Once you have removed the bag from the basket, sit it in the sink and carefully begin letting the remaining water out a little at a time. Toward the end you can somewhat squeeze the bag to get more of it out. Once you get most of the water out of the bag, rinse the edges of the bag off and put it on an old towel. Take it to your washing machine and carefully dump it in. Then put it through the rinse cycle twice. This insures that all of the dye is removed. You don’t want to throw a wet, white towel in your pretty new laundry bag only to have it bleed. Once the rinsing cycles are complete dry it. The heat will set the color.

While it’s drying you can prepare your ribbon. I cut mine in half vertically. Then I cut it into strips about 6 inches long. I used two strips to tie on each of the various sections of the laundry sorter.

Upcycled Laundry Sorter Tutorial & Mess Free Fabric Dyeing

I found the white stripe to be too bright so I just added some of the light blue acrylic paint to it. I didn’t try to get it perfect. I just used the edge of my foam brush and made one stroke from center to end until it looked good. Some of the white is still showing but I like the contrast.

Upcycled Laundry Sorter Tutorial & Mess Free Fabric Dyeing

After the bags were dry I figured out what side I wanted facing the front. With the style of sorter I had that meant only two options. One that was seamless and one that wasn’t. I went with the seamless side facing forward. Then I began stamping.

Upcycled Laundry Sorter Tutorial & Mess Free Fabric Dyeing

I simply loaded the foam brush with paint and dabbed it onto the stamp. Make sure the edges are clean. A couple of times I got a little paint loading happy on the stamp and when I placed the stamp on the fabric it showed. It would be best for you to do a practice run or two. You can buy stamp pads with ink that is suitable for fabric but I found it to be cheaper to use the acrylic. The stamp pad would definitely help in the area of keeping the image smooth.

Upcycled Laundry Sorter Tutorial & Mess Free Fabric Dyeing

I stamped from the center out. That means that I found the center of my fabric piece (horizontally) then stamped the middle letter first. In this case, the “i” from “{white}” was the center. I didn’t try to line them all up in a straight line. I actually like a whimsical, fun and unbalanced look. I find this method is much more forgiving. After I stamped the letters I just did a free for all with the flower stamps. I didn’t try to make each bag match. Again, I like the unbalanced and whimsical look. I prefer for things to look handmade. If you want balanced and clean lines then you could use a piece of paper or a rule w/level to line the stamps up properly. If you happen to mess up on the letters then you can try to cover it up by just stamping a flower over it. I did. Can you find the cover up? I stamped “ar” and then stamped another “r” instead of the “k”. I think I covered it fairly well. Did you notice it before I mentioned it? 😉

Upcycled Laundry Sorter Tutorial & Mess Free Fabric Dyeing

Lastly, I put the bags back in their positions within the sorter and then I added the ribbon.

Upcycled Laundry Sorter Tutorial & Mess Free Fabric Dyeing

Then it was time for it to take its rightful place in the laundry room.

Upcycled Laundry Sorter Tutorial & Mess Free Fabric Dyeing

She is pretty adorable, don’t you think?

Upcycled Laundry Sorter Tutorial & Mess Free Fabric Dyeing

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