1. How long ago did you start blogging and why did you begin?
While investigating homeschooling many years ago, I did a Google search for a curriculum called Konos and found Sprittibee’s blog. I read it through and through and became hooked. After reading it for several months I started my own blog. That was in 2005. Just months after starting my personal blog I became active in the start up or revamping of other blog sites: Heart of the Matter Online (with Amy Stults), Internet Cafe Devotions (with Lori MacMath) and A Woman Inspired (again with Amy Stults). After a couple of years of stretching myself between these sites I decided to back down from Heart of the Matter and the Internet Cafe to focus my attention on my own blog. Amy Stults also decided to take some time away.

2. Are you and Amy Stults the same person?
Ha! Many people think so. I am always amazed at how people get us confused. I mean even people she went to school with think that I am her. Yes, we are both named “Amy”; we both worked together on HOTM and AWI; we both love small appliances and canisters; we both have scratches on our eyes that won’t heal; our husbands do the same type of work; we both love being stay at home moms. There are other similarities but let’s go with the differences shall we? (for all intents and purposes for this question when I refer to “Amy” I am speaking of Amy Stults. When I say “I” that means I am referring to myself. I do not refer to myself as “Amy”.)

  • I will dye my hair red and dk brown today and change it again in a week (I’m mostly Scots-Irish and French so my natural hair color is a reddish light brown). Amy Stults has had the same haircut for years. And the same picture.
  • I have no problem blabbing to thousands of people through live feed but have trouble emailing a single person. Amy will email anyone but hates talking to anyone by phone, Skype, or conference call.
  • I have four rowdy boys and a ridiculous dog. Amy has one silly little boy sans dog.
  • I live in Louisiana. Amy lives in Ohio.
  • I blog here at AmyBayliss.com. She blogs at Milk and Cookies blog.

So to answer the question, no. Amy Stults and I are not the same person.

3. What church do you go to?
My family regularly attends Bethany World Prayer Center. Bethany is home church to both Ryan and myself. It is a church that is all about the people and spreading the love of Christ. We also occasionally serve alongside friends at Healing Place Church . However, we also meet in our homes with several friends and family members on a regular basis to worship, learn, and serve.

For specifics on what I believe: beliefs

4. Did you design your own blog? Your eBooks? Why do you change your blog so much? Can you design my blog/eBook? Why do you have ads on your blog?
Yes, I did design my own blog. I change it so much because I like a change in scenery to keep things interesting. I do the same thing with my hair, furniture, and other belongings. It’s a curse. Lately I only design blogs for others if I am contracted to do so by a developer. It is a process that takes much time away from my family. If you really want me to design your site or eBook then I can tell you this much, I charge on the higher end and my wait list is about 6 months long on average. If you are okay with that then email me via my contact form.

I am very picky about what companies endorse me or that I choose to affiliate with. I only accept a few sponsors per year. My husband and I have a plan to be out of debt and self-reliant. My blog earnings contribute to our overall goal. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to make some spare change while spending time doing what I love. I have decided not to turn my blog into an advertising free-for-all. Print magazines of today do enough of that and I know I don’t like it so I won’t subject you to it. I blog because I love it and I enjoy getting to know y’all. I don’t do it to make you a number on a list that gets me additional funds for advertising.

5. Are you affiliated with Proverbs 31 Ministries?
Yes, I am. In the past I have served this ministry in any way they would let me whether that be by consulting or cleaning up at the annual She Speaks Conference. I am honored to have been chosen to teach at several workshops and do consults for hopeful writers at the She Speaks conference and have helped some of the authors in the marketing of their books. In February 2012 I was offered the opportunity to serve on the board of directors for Proverbs 31 Ministries and after much consideration and talking it over with my family, we knew it was something I should do. My husband said to me, “your heart has always served there so it only makes sense that your hands should follow.” Yes, I love that man!

With that said, I would not serve any ministry that did not give itself completely over to Him. This one does. These women give so others can receive and continue sharing God’s love. I am honored to be a part of this team. UPDATE: As of January 2014 I resigned from my board position. I needed to be more present at home and the amount of travel and time required was no longer an option for us. Being a wife and mom is my top priority. I still fully support the ministry and visit the ladies whenever they come speak or visit close to our area.

6. What is your family’s story? Does Carsten have cancer? What kind of dog is Sarge?
At the age of 20 I married Mark C. A boy I had known most of my life. We had three sons together (lost another one when I was 4 1/2 months pregnant): Carsten, Maxon, and Andrew. Our marriage was a rocky one. We were separated for over a year and finally divorced in 2004. A little over a year later I met Ryan. We dated for 18 months and married on September 8, 2007. We have one son from our union: Matthias. It took hard work and effort but Ryan, myself, Mark and the boys made a different kind of family together. One I hope others can learn from. Mark passed away on October 18, 2010. We are still healing from the tragedy and hope to bring honor to his memory by continuing to put hard work and effort into our family.

I am perfectly content in a testosterone-laden house. I think.

I am culturally Cajun and have a distinct dialect. I also say lots of Cajun jargon. I had to really hone it when I began public speaking. Genetically, I am Scots-Irish (maiden name is Grant as in Clan Grant), Acadian French (Cajun), and Canadian French. Going further back the Canadian French has Germanic roots and the Acadian French has Spanish, Puerto Rican, and Mi’kmaq roots. Yes, I love genealogy. Do you know who your people are and where they really came from?

Carsten does not have a form of cancer. He has a form of dwarfism that affects his hair. It is called Cartilage-Hair Hypoplasia (CHH) or McKusick Type. He is a very healthy, active, and vibrant teenager (almost 20!). His condition does not affect his health. In fact, he is my healthiest child!

Sarge is a full breed American Boxer. We chose not to clip his ears and I love that he has a white face.  I pretend not to like him but I really do. shhhh….

7. What is your stance on “real” foods, green living and Christianity?
I continue to be amazed by how many people ask this question so I want to address it. Be yourself. I am. I blog about exactly where I am in life at that moment. I would love to eat only “real” foods but my current budget won’t allow it so I prioritize. I consume a lot of real juice, veggies, fruit, nuts, and meats. After birthing four kids I realized that unless I became rich and bought a new body then I had to come by it the old fashioned way. So yeah, I eat different from the rest of my peeps and work out regularly. For our house I buy organic dairy, meat and produce (local if possible) but most of the time they do still eat some processed foods. We recycle, repurpose, restore, and try to buy storage bags and plastics made of recycled material and attempt to minimize waste. I use lots of homemade cleaners but do still use a regular bottle of detergent if I need to due to time or finances. Life is about priorities and balance and that carries through to our diet and lifestyle. I attempt the better option but don’t come down on myself if we can’t go that route every time. And if you don’t agree with me that is fine. I’m cool with that. Life is complicated enough without the judgments we toss around based on consumerism.

I am a sold out Jesus girl. He is my savior and I attempt to live my life to please him. That doesn’t mean I always do. I struggle with this vs. that daily. I still love him wholeheartedly though. I will tell you all about him and what he has done for me and my family but I won’t push him on you. He wouldn’t do it himself so why should I?

My posts will have influence from my beliefs because I cannot help it. It is who I am and I don’t apologize for it. I would like for you to still read my blog even if you don’t agree with my beliefs. I think we can still learn from each other. Although I do not agree with all of the commercials and such on certain channels I still tune in to learn things. It is called filtering. However, my prayer is that you will find that Jesus and his true followers are not the kind of people who would nail you to a tree for your transgressions. Only the religious do that. It’s what they did to my Jesus. Jesus’ followers would love on you no matter where you are in life. That is the biblical example he gave us to follow. Besides, most of what we believe Christianity to be isn’t necessarily accurate. You learn a lot when you go to the original writings and read things in context.

8. Tell me something about you that I don’t know.

  1. I used to put ice in my coffee…then I discovered energy drinks. Fruit-flavored caffeine is just better.
  2. While I don’t read daily horoscopes I have to say that my zodiac sign matches me perfectly…with one exception: Though I will voice my opinion, I have no problem being submissive to a man who rocks my world. Otherwise, I am so Aries it is scary. However, because I am on the “cusp” I have several Taurus tendencies.
  3. Spiders make me scream like a four-year-old girl at Chuck E Cheese. 
  4. Just 10 years ago I was the manager of a screamo rock band called LA Lights. I had piercings and wild colored hair. No tattoos though. I stay away from anything permanent. I like tats. I just don’t want any. And yes, I love rock music. I like many other genres too but I am definitely a rock-n-roll girl at heart.
    aim 207
  5. Whole Foods gets me in trouble. But I love that place. Book stores tend to have a similar affect on me. Whenever I have a new interest I have to read everything I can get my hands on pertaining to that subject. I want to know everything about it. I also can’t stand not knowing the answer to questions. I google for answers several dozen times a day. I’ve been called an information hoarder and I’m okay with that.
  6. I practice Krav Maga and can handle a gun better than most of the guys in my family can. Did I mention my peeps are avid hunters, military veterans, and law enforcement officers? Yes, I’m that good. In fact, I’m fairly certain I am apocalypse ready. Michonne and Daryl Dixon are my heroes.
  7. I hate stopping on even numbers so I added one more just to make it seven.

9. How do you do all of this stuff and still have time for family?

I believe in giving credit where credit is due. I am not a one woman show. I am not capable of nor do I stress myself out trying to operate and run this blog on my own.

Lisa Boyd has been blogging since the beginning of time, but she always seems to get distracted by the code. She is a “pixel perfect” artist whose uber talent has given her the privilege of working with some amazing women in digital media. She can code things that would make the average person cry (Amy: I know. I have cried). Lisa keeps my site user friendly and traffic ready. And she makes all of my designs come to life. *sigh* There goes Amy crying again!

Christin Slade is the behind-the-scenes gal, helping with the particulars so they don’t get in the way of Amy’s self-diagnosed creativity disorder. Christin is blessed with the gift of attention-to-detail (Amy: this makes me happy!) and her love of working on the computer, she’s learned how to mesh the two in order to help others reach their full potential, while simultaneously feeding her love of the administrative side of life.

She is the mother of 5 awesome children and wife to the most compassionate man she has ever known. Married for 11 years, she and her husband strive to know Jesus and live for Him through imperfect lives. You can find her encouraging moms and helping them lead their children to the Lord at her blog, Joyful Mothering.

Dianne Godwin is a grammar ninja. She silently lurks in the background just waiting for me to publish something. Then she wields her fancy red pen so fast making corrections that it makes my head spin. She knows all about what to do with this stuff: ” , – … :., and she won’t let me use double negatives. Or, something like that. Dianne doesn’t edit the blog (obviously) but all of my books are given to her so that she can work her magic.

Dianne is a Jesus lover, wife to John, mom of 18 & almost-17 year old boys, sporadic blogger, amateur photographer, Scrabble junkie, and a Dr Pepper addict (Amy: she needs the caffeine to stay up and edit all of my books!).

10. Are the names you use on your blog your kids’ real names?

No they aren’t. For those of you who know us yes, we are using pseudonyms for the boys in order to protect them. My husband is a law enforcement officer and we know how easy it is for people to become targets because of information posted online.

11. If I want to know more about you what posts should I read?

The rest of the family:

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