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amybScreen Shot 2015-10-28 at 11.54.31 PMI’m just a person, a lot like you. I have a story, hopes, dreams, and a family. Some of it beautiful and some of it not. On more than one occasion it took God’s love and mercy to pull me out of prisons I’d built with my own mind.

Who am I? I’m someone who makes mistakes and is far from having it all together but day by day I get a deep glimpse into humanity and what LOVE truly is. I am a woman (just turned 40!) with a message (LOVE is an action; not a feeling) and I have creative ways of expressing it. This blog and its branches are just a small part.

Why do I share? Through my life experiences, God has given me a desire to help others to overcome their circumstances and enjoy their life. Life is too short for all the drama we tend to create when we aren’t happy with ourselves.  All too often what is standing in our way is our own thinking.

Professionally, I’m an author, marketing strategist, and web developer/designer. I’ve worked with celebrities and New York Times best-selling authors. Two years ago I woke up realizing that I only had two more years with my oldest son before he left the nest. My family is the most important thing to me so my career is temporarily on hold. The amount of time and travel it required was something I could no longer justify. 

I write because I can’t not write. This blog gives me the freedom to share our story, our life, and our testimonies.

The rest of the family:

Laugh at some of our wild “boy” adventures (the ones that cause gray hairs):

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