Blog Design and Online Ministry Consulting

Blogger/Blogspot Makeover: $215 ($115 deposit required)

  • 30 Minute design consultation
  • Custom template and installation – 1- 6 columns
  • Custom header graphic
  • Matching background
  • Unlimited sidebar title graphics
  • Post title graphic or divider
  • Horizontal navigation menu bar
  • Space for advertising w/a “your ad here” button
  • Up to three icons (email, RSS, newsletter, etc)
  • Search feature installation
  • Social Media buttons (links to Facebook, Twitter, Etsy, etc.)
  • 125 px square Blog Button
  • Favicon
  • Signature
  • Installation

Add any of the following for $35 upgrade (or add them all to your package and make the cost only $300!)

  • Blinking blog button
  • Meme, scripture, or advertising button
  • Social Media links in post footer
  • Matching Twitter background
  • Installation of up to three blog widgets or services (feedburner, Twitter feed, Statcounter, Facebook, etc)
  • Ministry, personal, or business card design

Full one-hour consulting via Adobe ProConnect $65
Pick my brain and let me show you how to get things done. I’ve grown several blogs from scratch with abundant results. So whether you need help with growing your blog, group site, design, or anything else to do with blogging and online ministry then I am your girl.

With Adobe ProConnect you can actually watch me as I show you how to do things. From blog organization and full assessments to showing you how to design your own blog or online magazine – ask me and I’ll show you. Do you need to know how to add feedburner, or other gadgets to your blog? Are you just starting out and just want some great starter tips? Do you want to know how to make your group blog succeed? Do you want to know how to obtain advertisers? Ask me!

Email me at inquiry (at) amybayliss (dot) com and let me know what you are interested in!

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Homeschooling Mission Statement

Homeschool 08 (52)Here is our mission statement:

Our purpose for homeschooling is to build a loving, faithful relationship with our children while teaching and encouraging them to develop their own relationship with Christ and giving them a foundation and a love for learning.

We believe that education should be centered around the Word of God and that learning should be a way of life. We believe in child-led learning in a structured and disciplined environment with some independent learning and also some one on one time with a parent each day.

Our goal is not to make a passing grade but to master sets of facts and skills and to learn how to find out the things they don’t yet know. We also plan to teach each child according to his gifts and interests. Above all we want to remember that education is a journey and home school is just one season of that journey.

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