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Joie de Vivre is French for “joy of living” or “enjoyment of life”. Cajuns thrive on this kind of lifestyle. It is what keeps us going through disasters, trials, and the busyness of life. This true joy comes from within. That is our strength. We find it in the small details and in focusing on the positive perspective of every experience we walk through. It is about cherishing those we love and adore and making the most of the time we have together.

I have found that as I learn more about particular subjects like: bible study, being a mom, homemaking, cooking, interior design, health, culture, people, and creativity then the anxiety and stress I used to feel about them goes away. We lack confidence when we aren’t familiar with things. I hope to teach you some of what I know so that these areas are less of a burden for you. You’ll be free to actually enjoy them!





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This self-titled blog is about my journey through life. As my heart, mind, and circumstances change, so may the content. The core foundation will always be that of a woman seeking the joie de vivre. I share my journey here, on my blog, through words, photographs, and video. It is my hope that my experiences can offer hope and help to anyone in need.

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